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Bayley Excited for New WWE Women’s & Womens World Championships

Bayley achieved a historic milestone as WWE’s inaugural Women’s Grand Slam Champion when she won the “WWE SmackDownWomens world Championships in May 2019. Over the years, other talented wrestlers such as Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Asuka, and Rhea Ripley joined the Grand Slam pantheon. Nevertheless, Bayley will always be remembered as the first to accomplish this feat.

With the renaming of two of her previous titles to the WWE Women’s and WWE Womens World Championships, Bayley is determined to further enhance her legacy by pursuing more championship gold. During a recent interview on “The Bump,” Bayley expressed her admiration for the new titles, acknowledging the need for change due to the evolving roster and locker room. The introduction of these titles brings a fresh start, reminiscent of when the Divas Title was replaced and rebranded as the Raw Women’s Title.

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Bayley revealed that the new titles have ignited a renewed motivation within her to reclaim the top spot in WWE’s women’s division. As she sets her sights on raising those titles once again, she is also excited about the prospect of her stablemate, SKY, potentially achieving the same feat.

Both Bayley and SKY will have the opportunity to vie for the newly-introduced titles in the upcoming Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match. They will be joined by notable competitors such as Becky Lynch, Zoey Stark, Zelina Vega, and an unnamed participant. With Bayley and SKY being stablemates, their simultaneous pursuit of the coveted briefcase adds an intriguing dynamic to the match, raising the possibility of a potential betrayal or rivalry between them.

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