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Beach Bliss: UFC Fighter Women Tracy Cortez’s Stunning Brazil Photos

Tracy Cortez, the promising UFC Fighter Women flyweight contender (10-1), has been on the rise in the promotion despite a recent medical issue that kept her out of action. Determined to make a comeback, she continues to stay engaged and focused, eagerly awaiting her return to the Octagon.

Sharing her Brazilian adventure, Cortez took to Instagram to showcase stunning moments. Her recent posts feature a captivating photo album, capturing her beachside enjoyment, and a lively video immersed in the crystal-clear waters. Join her exciting journey on Instagram!

Cortez stuns in her vibrant red swimsuit, capturing breathtaking images of the mesmerizing Brazilian sunset. Witness the beauty of the late afternoon through her lens, as she creates unforgettable moments in time.

Tracy Cortez, an impressive force in the UFC Fighter women’s flyweight division, holds the No. 14 ranking. With a remarkable 10-fight winning streak and a flawless 4-0 record since her arrival in the promotion in 2019, she’s a rising star to watch out for. Witness her unstoppable journey to the top!

Unfortunately, Cortez had to withdraw from her scheduled bout against Amanda Ribas in December due to a medical issue. This setback occurred before the weigh-ins, leaving fans disappointed and eager to see them compete in the future.

Based on her recent Instagram posts, it’s clear that Cortez is eagerly anticipating her return to The Octagon. She’s determined to make a comeback in the near future and showcase her skills once again.

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