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Molly McCann: Future After UFC London Submission

Molly McCann faced another setback at UFC London, succumbing to a first-round submission by Julija Stoliarenko. Despite having won four of her last five fights, including two knockout victories, McCann struggled to find her rhythm against Stoliarenko’s ground control. Despite the loss, McCann remains a talented fighter with significant potential. Here are three potential matchups for her next fight:

Julija Stoliarenko & Molly McCann in the first round UFC London

Ariane Lipski

Molly McCann: Future After UFC London Submission
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Molly McCann and Lipski have a history in the octagon, making a rematch an exciting prospect. Their first encounter highlighted McCann’s impressive fighting abilities and Lipski’s aggressive approach. The existing familiarity between these two fighters adds an intriguing dimension to the possibility of a rematch.

The initial clash between McCann and Lipski showcased thrilling dynamics, with Molly McCann‘s relentless pressure and striking countering Lipski’s aggressive style. A potential rematch promises an exciting opportunity for both fighters to display their skills and deliver another thrilling battle in the cage.

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The outcome of this rematch holds great importance for the flyweight division. A victory for McCann against Lipski would strengthen her position, opening doors to face higher-ranked opponents. For Lipski, it’s a chance to seek redemption, climb the rankings, and make her mark in the division. Exciting prospects await for both fighters after this crucial bout.

Veronica Hardy

Veronica Hardy Molly McCann's Future After UFC London Submission
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Veronica Hardy has recently made a remarkable return to the octagon following a three-year hiatus. This comeback story adds an intriguing element to a potential matchup with McCann. Hardy’s time away from the sport might have instilled a renewed hunger and determination, making her a formidable challenge for McCann to face in the ring.

Embracing her underdog status, Hardy harnesses its power as a strong motivator. With no weight of expectations, she enters the fight with freedom. Against the aggressive style of Molly McCann, Hardy’s hunger and determination promise an exciting clash of styles.

The upcoming bout between Molly McCann and Veronica Hardy promises to be an electrifying striking showdown. McCann’s aggressive and unyielding approach, coupled with Hardy’s technical prowess, guarantees an exhilarating battle on their feet. This clash of striking styles is sure to captivate the hearts of MMA enthusiasts, delivering an action-packed and thrilling fight.

Gabriella Fernandes

Gabriella Fernandes Molly McCann's Future After UFC London Submission
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Gabriella Fernandes is making waves in the flyweight division, boasting an impressive record of 8-3. A potential matchup with McCann offers a chance for Fernandes to display her skills against an experienced fighter and make strides up the division’s rankings.

Molly McCann and Gabriella Fernandes are both highly skilled in striking, setting the stage for an intense standup kickboxing showdown. McCann’s aggressive approach paired with Fernandes’ technical finesse promises an electrifying battle on their feet. This clash of striking styles guarantees an enthralling spectacle for MMA enthusiasts.

McCann and Fernandes have proven their ability to deliver thrilling fights. McCann’s aggressive approach and Fernandes’ technical striking ensure an action-packed matchup. With their determination and skill sets, this fight promises fans an exciting and competitive battle.

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