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Norma Dumont: UFC losing women’s featherweight would be a ‘huge loss’

Expressing her opinion, Norma Dumont believes that eliminating the women’s featherweight division would be an error on the part of the UFC.

In an anticipated featherweight clash, Norma Dumont (9-2 MMA, 5-2 UFC) squares off against Chelsea Chandler (5-1 MMA, 1-0 UFC) on the main card of UFC on ESPN 49. Witness the action-packed bout at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, with the event broadcasted on ESPN and streamed on ESPN+.

Following Amanda Nunes’ retirement, UFC president Dana White expressed that the 145-pound division, introduced in February 2017, is likely to be retired alongside her. This news has left Dumont feeling disheartened, as she sees it as a disappointing development for the division.

According to Norma Dumont, if the UFC decides not to move forward with the division, it would be a significant loss. She expressed her eagerness to continue and become the face of the division, giving fans a reason to be excited about future fights. Dumont is determined to showcase her dedication and work towards the growth and success of the division.

“Additionally, in the upcoming months, we anticipate the return of a former division champion. It would be a missed opportunity if they don’t seriously consider this option. Our goal is to showcase the division’s potential and its talented individuals. We are determined to make a compelling case for their inclusion.”

In anticipation of the potential removal of the featherweight division in UFC, Norma Dumont reveals her proactive physical preparation to continue her career in the bantamweight division. She remains determined to adapt and excel in her fighting journey.

“In recent times, the team and I have been focused on making significant progress,” Norma Dumont shared. “My last two weight cuts went smoothly, with careful planning and an approximate reduction of four pounds. We’ve been preparing for potential future opportunities, including the possibility of contending for the belt. If the need arises, I’ll be fully prepared to pursue that championship.”

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