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The 10 Most Stunning UFC Ring Girls: Timeless Beauty

When you tune in to a thrilling UFC event, it’s impossible to miss the captivating presence of the UFC Ring Girls. In this article, we delve into the profiles of the ten exceptional Octagon Girls who have transcended their popularity within the sport, gaining fame that extends far beyond the octagon.

When tuning in to a UFC broadcast, it’s hard to miss the presence of the legendary Octagon Girls who grace the cage between rounds. These ring girls are an integral part of the fan experience, whether watching from the arena or around the globe. Their significance is so profound that even during events without a live crowd, a lady can still be found cageside, ensuring the momentum keeps flowing.

Throughout the years, numerous women have ascended to greatness, becoming iconic figures in the realm of sports. These exceptional individuals harness their beauty, talents, both inside and outside the arena, to transcend mere fame within the UFC. Let us take a moment to honor and celebrate these extraordinary women who have left an indelible mark in the world of sports.

Presenting a compilation of the UFC’s most renowned Octagon Girls in history, featuring the top 10 icons who have graced the Octagon.

Holly Madison

The 10 Most Stunning UFC Ring Girls: Timeless Beauty
Photo via Instagram @hollymadison

While Holly Madison’s stint as an Octagon Girl was brief, it’s worth mentioning her as an honorable mention. Her association with the role is primarily tied to the UFC 100 card, where she made her appearance. Despite her limited involvement, Holly Madison remains widely recognized for her time donning the iconic bikini and circling the cage.

Madison gained recognition primarily for her association with Hugh Hefner, the owner of Playboy. However, she has since transitioned to different ventures, including her involvement in reality television and captivating Burlesque performances in Las Vegas. While embracing new opportunities, she undeniably holds the title of the most renowned individual to have assumed this role.

Ali Sonoma

The 10 Most Stunning UFC Ring Girls: Timeless Beauty
The 10 Most Stunning UFC Ring Girls: Timeless Beauty 11

Ali Sonoma, originally from St. Louis, Missouri, is a multiracial individual with Swedish, German, French, and Native American heritage. Standing at a height of 5 feet 7 inches and weighing 125 pounds, she began her journey as an Octagon Girl in 2006, debuting at UFC 66. Notably, she was once engaged to the accomplished UFC veteran, Diego Sanchez.

Ali embarked on her modeling journey at the age of 16, showcasing her talent and beauty. Her passion for fitness led her to achieve success in bikini competitions, including a notable win at the 2009 Arnold Classic. Alongside her modeling pursuits, Ali indulges in various sports activities, such as soccer, fishing, rollerblading, dancing, pilates, and even finds excitement in shooting shotguns. Her adventurous spirit labels her as an adrenaline junkie, always seeking thrilling experiences.

Logan Stanton

The 10 Most Stunning UFC Ring Girls: Timeless Beauty
Photo via Instagram @loganstanton

Logan Stanton, a remarkable UFC ring girl, stands at 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 115 lbs, making her one of the slenderest in the industry. In 2008, she joined the esteemed group of UFC Octagon Girls, making her debut at UFC 92 and concluding her tenure at UFC 107. Speculation suggests that her departure from the UFC was influenced by a reported incident involving Arianny Celeste (more details to follow)

After leaving the UFC, Logan dedicated herself to her modeling career and has achieved remarkable success. Represented by the renowned Wilhelmina modeling agency, she has collaborated with prestigious brands such as Roxy, Guess Jeans, and more. While her time in the UFC was brief, her accomplishments thereafter have left a lasting impact on her fans.

Edith Labelle

The 10 Most Stunning UFC Ring Girls: Timeless Beauty
Photo via Instagram @edithlabelle

Edith Labelle, a native of Montreal, Canada, stands at 5 foot 8 inches tall and weighs 117 lbs. She joined the UFC as one of their Octagon Girls in 2007, initially replacing Ali Sonoma. However, her tenure with the UFC ended after UFC 100. Reports suggest that she was unable to fulfill her duties due to being intoxicated the night before the event, while she claims it was due to food poisoning.

Despite her departure from the UFC, Labelle has found success in the acting world, featuring in films such as “Recon 2023” and “Heroes of the North.” Her involvement in these projects has helped to maintain her relevance in the industry beyond her time with the UFC.

Chrissy Blair

The 10 Most Stunning UFC Ring Girls: Timeless Beauty
Photo via Instagram @chrissy_blair

With a height of 5 foot 7 inches and a weight of 107lb, Chrissy Blair has become an iconic figure as one of the Octagon Girls. Her debut with the UFC in 2013 was backed by prior experience in other MMA promotions, cementing her position in the sport.

But Chrissy is more than just a stunning presence. Alongside her UFC appearances, she holds a degree in Graphic Design and Fine Arts, complemented by a marketing background. This unique blend of talents has contributed to her widespread popularity, extending beyond her involvement in the sport.

Brittany Palmer

The 10 Most Stunning UFC Ring Girls: Timeless Beauty
Photo via Instagram @brittanypalmer

Brittany Palmer, a beloved Octagon Girl, has developed a passion for travel and the fans through her work in the organization. With her undeniable beauty, she has dedicated herself to achieving success in her career. Since her debut at UFC 127 in 2011, she has graced the cageside at numerous monumental events in the sport’s history.

Beyond her role as a ring girl, Brittany has achieved great success as a model. She has been featured on the covers of renowned magazines such as C-Heads Magazine, Discover Hollywood Magazine, Complex Magazine, Most Magazine, AMB Magazine, and Sugarcane Magazine. Her frequent appearances in the media have made her a recognizable and prominent figure within the sport.

Rachelle Leah

Photo via Instagram @rachelleleah

Rachelle Leah, a familiar face among the UFC’s Octagon Girls, stands at 5 foot 7 inches and weighs 115lb. Initially starting as a ring girl for boxing, she caught the attention of coach James Pena, who invited her to work with the UFC. Rachelle’s first UFC show was UFC 48 in 2006, and she remained with the company for an extended period.

Beyond her time with the UFC, Rachelle’s modeling career has endured. Commencing as a teenager, her stunning looks have kept her busy long after her days of holding round cards. Alongside making appearances on television, she has also worked with esteemed publications such as Men’s Fitness, AXL Magazine, 944 Magazine, and Muscle & Fitness.

Vanessa Hanson

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Photo via Instagram @vanessahanson

Vanessa Hanson, a native of California, made her debut as one of the UFC’s Octagon Girls in 2011, instantly captivating fans with her undeniable beauty. However, it didn’t take long for people to realize that Vanessa had much more to offer than just her looks.

During her college years, Vanessa initially pursued a career in psychology, driven by her passion for the field. However, her path took an unexpected turn when she came across an advertisement seeking a surfing model. This opportunity opened doors for her, leading to her being discovered by the UFC. Ever since then, Vanessa has become one of the most iconic figures in the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Amber Nichole Miller

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Photo via Instagram @ambernicholemiller

Amber Nichole Miller, widely recognized as one of the first Octagon Girls in the modern era, made her debut with the UFC in 2002 at their 40th numbered event. Coincidentally, the headliner of that card was Tito Ortiz, who later became romantically involved with Amber. Their relationship even led to an engagement at one point.

After a successful four-year stint with the UFC, Miller parted ways, reportedly due to a disagreement with Rachelle Leah. However, she continued to flourish in the modeling industry, working with prominent publications like Muscle & Fitness, Oxygen, and MAXIM. Additionally, her appearances on various television shows ensured her continued presence in the public eye, even after her departure from the UFC.

Arianny Celeste

The 10 Most Stunning UFC Ring Girls: Timeless Beauty
Photo via Instagram @anriannyceleste

Arianny Celeste is undeniably the most iconic Octagon Girl in the history of the UFC. Since joining the promotion in 2006, she has become synonymous with the role, having graced the cageside for countless high-profile events. Her extensive tenure has made her a widely recognized figure, not only within the sport but also in the modeling industry.

In addition to her prominent presence at UFC events, Celeste has enjoyed successful modeling ventures with various companies. One of her notable achievements includes working as a Playboy model. Her remarkable longevity in this position solidifies her well-deserved top rank on our list.

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