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Womens World Cup: Group Tables & Standings – Team Qualification Explained

It’s crunch time on the Womens World Cup with the final spherical of furniture within the organization ranges set to decide who will enhance to the knockouts.

It has been a match of shocks and surprises so far, with Nigeria stunning Australia and Colombia’s ultimate-gasp win over Germany standing out as the most important consequences of the Womens World Cup.

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There are set to be more twists and turns because the very last fits of the institution tiers are played out – with the top teams in each group advancing to the closing-16.

Now right down to just one organization, right here’s how the standings look ahead of the final spherical of motion in Group H.

Group H standings

Colombia – 6 factors ( 3 purpose difference)

  1. Germany – three factors ( 5)
  2. Morocco – three factors (-five)
  3. South Korea – 0 factors (-three)

Results and fixtures

Germany 6-zero Morocco

Colombia 2-0 South Korea

South Korea 0-1 Morocco

Germany 1-2 Colombia

Thursday three August

South Korea vs Germany (11am BST)

Morocco vs Colombia (11am BST)

Womens World Cup: What does every team want to qualify?


  • Due to Morocco’s aim difference, Colombia might need to lose by means of as a minimum 4 dreams to be in risk of lacking out at the closing-16. A win or draw would verify their place as institution winners.


  • Germany will go through with a win, irrespective of the bring about the Colombia vs Morocco recreation.
  • If Germany draw, they would go through in 2d location so long as Morocco fail to win in opposition to Colombia.
  • If Germany lose and Morocco win or draw towards Colombia, they might be out. Germany ought to lose and go through, however they could want to Colombia to beat Morocco and South Korea to win with the aid of no extra than five dreams.


  • Morocco will undergo in the event that they win and Germany fail to conquer South Korea.
  • Morocco might only go through with a draw if Germany lose to South Korea.
  • Due to intention difference, Morocco cannot undergo with a defeat.

South Korea

  • South Korea can most effective go through with a win against Germany, combined with Morocco losing to Colombia.

Womens World Cup: Group A final standings

  1. Switzerland (Q) – 5 factors ( 2 purpose difference)
  2. Norway (Q) – 4 points ( 5)
  3. New Zealand (E) – four points ( zero)
  4. Philippines (E) – three points (-7)


New Zealand 1-0 Norway

Switzerland 2-zero Philippines

New Zealand 0-1 Philippines

Norway zero-zero Switzerland

Norway 6-zero Philippines

New Zealand zero-0 Switzerland

Womens World Cup : Group B final standings

  1. Australia (Q) – 6 factors ( 4 aim distinction)
  2. Nigeria (Q) – 5 points ( 1)
  3. Canada (E) – 4 points (-three)
  4. Ireland (E) – 1 point (-2)


Australia 1-zero Ireland

Canada zero-0 Nigeria

Australia 2-3 Nigeria

Ireland 1-2 Canada

Australia 4-zero Canada

Nigeria zero-zero Ireland

Womens World Cup : Group C final standings

  1. Japan (Q) – 9 factors ( 11 aim difference)
  2. Spain (Q) – 6 factors ( four)
  3. Zambia (E) – three factors (-8)
  4. Costa Rica (E) – zero factors (-7)


Spain 3-zero Costa Rica

Zambia 0-five Japan

Japan 2-zero Costa Rica

Spain 5-zero Zambia

Costa Rica 1-3 Zambia

Japan 4-0 Spain

Womens World Cup: Group D final standings

  1. England (Q) – nine factors ( 7 goal difference)
  2. Denmark (Q) – 6 points ( 2)

three. China (E) – 3 factors (-five)

four. Haiti (E) – zero points (-4)


England 1-0 Haiti

Denmark 1-0 China

England 1-zero Denmark

Haiti 0-1 China

England 6-1 China

Denmark 2-zero Haiti

Group E very last standings

  1. Netherlands (Q) – 7 factors ( 8 aim distinction)
  2. USA (Q) – five points ( 1)
  3. Portugal (E)- four points ( 1)
  4. Vietnam (E) – zero points (-5)


USA 3-zero Vietnam

Netherlands 1-zero Portugal

USA 1-1 Netherlands

Portugal 2-0 Vietnam

Vietnam 0-7 Netherlands

Portugal 0-0 USA

Group F final standings

  1. France (Q) – 7 factors ( four aim distinction)
  2. Jamaica (Q) – 5 points ( 1)
  3. Brazil (E) – 4 points ( three)
  4. Panama (E) – 0 factors (-8)


Brazil four-zero Panama

France 0-zero Jamaica

France 2-1 Brazil

Jamaica 1-zero Panama

Jamaica zero-zero Brazil

Panama three-6 France

Group G very last standings

  1. Sweden (Q) – 9 factors ( eight intention distinction)
  2. South Africa (Q) – 4 factors (zero)
  3. Italy (E) – 3 points (-five)
  4. Argentina (E)- 1 factor (-three)


Sweden 2-1 South Africa

Italy 1-0 Argentina

Argentina 2-2 South Africa

Sweden 5-0 Italy

South Africa three-2 Italy

Argentina 0-2 Sweden

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