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India v England: fourth Test, day four– live

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Updates from the fourth day at Ranchi, play from 4am GMTShare your thoughts with Daniel via email or X

10th over: India 45-0 (Rohit 27, Jaiswal 18) No, it’s Shoaib; big show of faith in him from Stokes and I liked how he bowled yesterday, his tight line creating pressure. After two decent balls, Jaiswal nurdles him around the corner for one, the first run of the morning, then Rohit glances behind and Anderson tanks after it, diving to haul it back before it goes over the rope as they run three; he is an absolute freak of nature. Another single follows, then a bit of turn and bounce which Rohit manages to ride. India need 147 runs to win.

“I totally agree with your preamble musings on each match being a referendum on Bazball,” writes Mark Kelly. “Sometimes it feels like every play and miss elicits a Pavlov’s dog like response from a commentator regarding Bazball being all fine and good but you have to play to the match situation and conditions. It’s like they actually want them to fail. I am eagerly anticipating the start of play. I am not sure how long that eagerness will last. It is afternoon here in Sydney so at least I haven’t gotten up at silly o’clock to watch it.”

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