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UFC Ring Girl Brookliyn Wren: Arianny Celeste’s Status Confirmed

UFC ring Girl Brookliyn Wren breaks a fan’s heart by way of confirming Arianny Celeste’s present day fame

Arianny Celeste has reputedly ended her profession as a UFC ring female as confirmed with the aid of Brookliyn Wren.

Celeste changed into introduced on by way of the UFC in 2006 as a ring lady and, over the years, has won more than one ‘Ring Girl of the Year’ awards and has garnered a big fan following. However, it looks like her time inside the ring has come to an cease after it changed into confirmed by using a fellow UFC ring girl that the 37-yr-antique is not a ring girl anymore.

Responding to a fan who asked about Arianny Celeste’s cutting-edge status on Twitter, Brookliyn Wren claimed that despite the fact that Celeste isn’t a hoop woman anymore, she’s nevertheless with the organization. She stated:

While her present day position with the UFC is doubtful, it’s far worth noting that Celeste is a full-time model and has labored with major courses like Sports Illustrated, Playboy, and Maxim. Additionally, the 37-year-vintage is also at the different content-sharing platform, OnlyFans.

“No, she’s still with the company though”

UFC Ring Girl Brookliyn Wren: Arianny Celeste's Status Confirmed
Brookliyn Wren’s response to a fan

Arianny Celeste recollects her craziest enjoy as a UFC ring girl

Having worked with the UFC for over 15 years, Celeste has been part of many first rate moments. However, there has been a crazy incident that left her and her fellow ring girls instead scared.

During her appearance at the UNLEASHED podcast earlier this yr, Arianny Celeste spoke about the submit-fight brawl between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229. The 2018 bout between the two has gone down inside the history books but for now not the right motives.

While the fight turned into received with the aid of Khabib Nurmagomedov through submission inside the fourth spherical, a huge brawl broke out after ‘The Eagle’ decided to leap over the cage and assault McGregor’s team following his victory.

Recalling the incident, Arianny Celeste spoke approximately how the ring girl rushed toward the dressing room because the brawl spread out. She stated:

“It became loopy, I just checked out the women and I changed into like cross, we want to go now. Brooklyn stayed packed she’s like what’s taking place um but yeah, we simply began walking for the um the dressing room there is additionally like protection proper in the back of us that become like pushing us to move, so we have been high-quality.”

Catch her remarks inside the video underneath (41:58):

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